Ann Conn is a physician and mother.  This is her first book.  Lightning Twice was named a finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Non-Fiction Competition.

About the Author

Ann Conn is a physician and mother from southern Louisiana.   She studied Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University and later went on to medical school.  She currently practices Interventional Pain Management and Headache Medicine in Covington, Louisiana where she lives with her husband Thad Minaldi.

Lightning Twice

In 2010, Ann and her family were carried on a deadly journey they could never have imagined when Bipolar Illness struck both sons.  The disease affected each of them differently, but, in each case, it was resistant to treatment.  Their illnesses escalated simultaneously.  Trained in Neurology, Ann tracked every clue to find a way to manage the disease.  Meanwhile, her sons’ lives grew more precarious.  This was a time of desperate phone calls, mad chases, harsh medications, visions and voices.

During the worst period of their illnesses, Ann wondered if she could save herself, her own life, let alone the lives of her sons.  She began writing brief journals that recorded the story of her sons’, and her, struggles.

In May of 2014, her younger son, Colin, died of suicide.  Nine months later, her older son, Austin, also died by suicide.

In the aftermath of these deaths, she wrote the truth of their deaths, her grief and return to life.  From these writings, a memoir emerged.

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